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eCentrex serves the dual purpose of a phone as well as an extension, with direct outward and inward dialing. Enjoy the group calling benefits & bundled internet on Tata/Airtel/Relaince/BSNL on CDMA eCentrex solution.

eCentrex Benefits

  • Savings on Capital Expenditure– eCentrex is a virtual EPABX hosted at Tata/Airtel/Relaince/BASNL on CDMA 24X7 network operating center with built in 'Intercom' facilities.
  • Savings on Operational Expenditure– With no EPABX at your apartment there are no AMCs, electric power bills and battery expenses payable. Tata/Airtel/Relaince/BASNL on CDMA maintains the eCentrex solution at your apartment.
  • Single Intercom Solution- Connect all the flats,club,security area within your apartment with Tata/Airtel/Relaince/BASNL on CDMA eCentrex with extension to extension calling enabled through last 4 digits.

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