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Fixed Mobile Convenience

In today’s business world, different types of networks – fixed line networks, mobile networks and corporate networks – ensure that employees can always be reached via telephone and have the information they need to make decisions even when they are on the move. However, each of these networks has its own characteristics and the interfaces between networks hinder efficient, cost-effective communication. Fixed Mobile Convenience (FMC) provides a solution to these problems by integrating field employees’ mobile phones and other external phones (home office phones, for example) in a IP EPABX HiPath 3000  communication system.


Single Network : Fixed Mobile Convenience (FMC) consolidates all of an employee’s phones (including office, mobile or home office phones) to create a single unit. This makes FMC the ideal solution for companies looking to increase flexibility and improve integration of mobile employees.

One Number Service : Employees only need a single phone number – their office number. They can also be
reached on their mobile or home office phones via this number. Even with outgoing calls from the cellphone or home office telephone, the called party sees the office telephone as the origin of the call.

Only one mailbox required : Users no longer need to check and update several mailboxes, as a single  mailbox can assume the answering machine function for all phones. This makes it easier to provide callers  with up-to-date information and ensures that their messages are more reliably received.

Busy display for mobile calls : The busy status for internal subscribers is shown (depending on the solution variant) for as long as the mobile subscriber is conducting a call.

Office phone to go : A wide range of tasks can be performed immediately while on the move. FMC allows users to quickly transfer calls to colleagues, the secretary, or representatives from a mobile or home office phone as easily as in the office (depending on the solution variant).Callbacks are not needed and there is no longer a dead end for calls.

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